Hi there, I'm Erisa!
I'm in Wales (UK!) and lately I dabble in software development.

If you want to check some of my stuff out then you can do that!

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If you're still reading that must mean you're really interested in me.
I'm flattered.

Last I checked I was 22 years old and I am currently employed. My hobbies include breaking software (Mostly by doing the right thing the wrong way to see what happens) and reading fantasy novels.
I have been known to play video games occasionally, but it has to be something special to hold my attention!

I feel very passionate about helping people out where possible and doing small things to make other peoples lives easier and more fun! I usually try to achieve this through my software and video game creations, which you can find on my GitHub profile!

If you think I can help with anything, want me to join your project team or just want to say hi, please send me an email!
I welcome all friendly communication!