At time of writing (13th July 2022), the following of Erisa’s public services do not upload or store any user information, identifying or otherwise.

Should they in future, this page will be updated and all relevant services will link to it.

The vast majority of our web services will store limited access logs solely for the purpose of protecting against potential threats. These logs include IP address, the domain being visited and limited information about the path of the page being visited.
This data is stored in a volatile form for a maximum of 3 days (72 hours) and is only ever looked at when a threat (DDoS, security exploit attempt, etc.) has been detected. The information in these log files will be automatically deleted and never knowingly shared with third parties.

Log file data (and the data for the websites themselves) is stored in Falkenstein, Germany. The host server is currently hosted at Hetzner.

The web service Cloudflare is utilised to prevent common threats against web properties. Cloudflare has their own Privacy Policy and may store information about individuals that have triggered their security systems.

Awau.UK Matrix Homeserver

The Matrix homeserver makes use of the Google reCAPTCHA service for protection against spam registrations. This service is only used on sign-up, and is not present anywhere else.

The Matrix homeserver stores data necessary for its function on our servers located in Hetzner’s Falkenstein region in Germany:

To report any abusive content, please contact erisa (at) awau (dot) uk with as much information as possible.

These terms apply to anything in the Domain list, with exceptions that are noted on that page.

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